Why Routine Street Sweeping Keeps Our Communities Clean

Why Routine Street Sweeping Keeps Our Communities Clean

Did you know that the average American generates 4.5 pounds of trash daily? That’s a lot of garbage! And while some communities have waste management services that take care of all of it, others rely on residents to keep their streets clean. One easy way to do this is by routinely hiring sweeping service providers to sweep the streets.

Sweeping service providers use specialized equipment to remove debris, litter, and waste from streets and sidewalks. It helps to prevent waste from being washed into storm drains and, ultimately, our waterways. It also beautifies our communities and makes them more enjoyable places to live.

Materials Found on Streets that Must be Removed:

Besides wafer wrappers and cigarette butts, many materials end up on our streets and must be removed. This waste can come from construction sites, manufacturing plants, and homes. Some of these materials include:

Abrasive Materials:

Items like sand, grit, and stone are abrasive and can damage vehicles and injure pedestrians if left on the street.

Organic Waste:

Things like leaves and grass can decompose and create a nasty smell. It can also attract pests.

Industrial Chemicals:

These can come from factories or power plants. They can include harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to human health.

Benefits of Sweeping the Streets

Sweeping streets regularly is the best way to keep our communities clean. Here are some of the benefits of this practice:

It Prevents Pollution:

The exhaust fumes from cars and trucks are one of the leading causes of pollution. But they aren’t the only source. There are also industrial emissions, which can contain harmful chemicals. If left unchecked, these can build up and cause serious health problems like respiratory illnesses. It is imperative near schools and hospitals.

It Reduces the Risk of Flooding:

When dirt and debris clog the storm drains, it prevents water from draining correctly. It can lead to flooding, especially during heavy rains. And we all know that flooding brings many problems, including property damage and the spread of diseases like cholera. However, adequate waste management services and street sweeping can mitigate the risk of flooding and its consequences.

It Improves Air Quality:

Dust and other allergens like pollen can cause respiratory problems, especially for children and the elderly. When these allergens remain on the ground, they can be stirred up and cause poor air quality. But, regular maintenance through street sweeping can help to keep these allergens at bay and improve air quality for everyone.

It Prevents Accidents:

A rock or piece of glass on the road can cause a severe accident. It is a safety hazard for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. They could slip and fall or get a flat tire. Therefore, maintaining clean streets is crucial. You can help prevent the accumulation of waste on the streets by using waste management techniques like garbage dumpsters and hiring street sweepers.

Pavement Protection:

Over time, debris and waste can damage the pavement. It could cause cracking, potholes, and other problems. These problems can be expensive and may require the city to repave the entire street. Routine sweeping helps to prevent these problems and keep our roads in good condition.


Here at JB Lines, we commit to keeping the community clean seriously. That’s why we offer routine street sweeping services to all our customers in Okotoks.

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