Warehouse Lines

Warehouse lines can be tricky and seem to be in a league of their own. They can be some of the most important steps to providing a safe and organized workplace. Often the problem is the lines fad over time due to high forklift traffic.

Stopping production to repaint lines every year can be difficult and costly. The good news is we have a few heavy duty options that can last!

Option 1 Epoxy:

  • Durable! They can stand up to pretty much anything, sliding objects over top, forklift traffic, oil, water etc.
  • The preparation is key and requires speciality equipment to etch, and clean the surface to insure proper adhesion to the concrete.
  • Epoxy takes time to dry, approx. 24 hrs with proper temp. You also need to account for grinding and cleaning the surfaces.
  • Over all epoxy is well worth the cost and time. This option will take the most abuse and will look the best.
  • This is a permeant option and not recommended if layout is to be changed in the future.

Option 2 Floor Tape:

  • This option requires the least amount of down time, and if used in the right environment will have a long life.
  • Floor tape is ideal in areas with foot traffic, vehicles, and skid steers.
  • Not recommended for areas where objects are being slide over the line. This may cause the tape to lift and tare.
  • This option gives you the ability peel up the lines if you choose to change layouts.


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