When Should You Get Your Home Pressure Washed - Spring Or Fall?

When Should You Get Your Home Pressure Washed – Spring Or Fall?

Key Takeaways –

  • Pressure washing entails cleaning your property using a high-pressure cleaning solution.
  • Pressure washers eliminate all the stubborn dust and debris to restore your property’s look.
  • The melting can clog your drainage during spring, and let’s not forget the insects and bird droppings!
  • The fall season brings fading/ falling leaves and a temperature drop.
  • Both seasons present a unique challenge for pressure washers
  • You need professional pressure washers to clean and ensure your property is ready for the challenges both seasons present

As the seasons change, many caring homeowners feel the need to pressure wash their homes. However, they need to decide which time of year is best for the job.

So, should you tackle this daunting task in the spring and the bugs are out in full force? Or should you wait until fall, when the leaves have turned and the weather is a little cooler? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Power Washing, and How is it Different from Traditional Cleaning Methods?

Pressure washing, sometimes confused with power washing, is a type of cleaning that uses high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, and other buildups from surfaces. It’s different from traditional cleaning methods like sweeping and mopping because it uses significantly more pressure to clean. When choosing a pressure washer, the flow rate is critical — it’s measured in gallons per minute (GPM). The flow rate represents the water pressure exerted. Stubborn dust and debris elements that ruin your pavement’s look can wash away in a whisker with a pressure washer. A trained professional can do wonders for your property, restoring the entire space and cleaning each nook and corner.

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What Are the Benefits of Pressure Washing?

There are several benefits, both for your home and for you as the homeowner. First, pressure washing can help to extend the life of your home’s exterior surfaces by removing dirt, grime, and other buildup that can lead to deterioration. Second, it can go a long way in enhancing your home’s curb appeal, making it look newer and more well-maintained. Finally, it can be a great way to prepare your home for painting or staining — by removing old paint or flaking off, you’ll create a better surface for the new paint or stain to adhere to.

When Should You Get Your Home Pressure Washed?

The best time to pressure wash your home depends on a few factors, including the type of siding you have and the climate you live in. For instance, if you have vinyl siding, you’ll want to carry out the procedure in the spring or fall when the weather is cool. This will prevent the vinyl from warping or expanding in the heat. If you live in an area with high humidity, you may want to pressure wash more often to prevent mold and mildew from growing on your siding.

Below are more factors you need to consider when pressure washing your property:

  • The type of siding on your home
  • The climate you live in
  • If there’s any chance of rain
  • If you have gutters
  • The time of year

Pressure Washing During Spring

The spring season follows the cold icy winters, and pressure washing your house during this time is ideal for eliminating all the dirt, grime, and salt deposited on your siding during the winter months. Pressure washing in spring also helps eliminate any spider webs, wasp nests, or other insects that might have made their home on your siding over the winter.

Pressure Washing During Fall

Fall is another good time to pressure wash your home before the cold weather sets in. This will help remove any leaves or debris accumulated on your siding over the summer months. It’s also a great idea to opt for a pressure wash before you apply a fresh coat of paint or sealant to your siding. Pressure washing before applying a new coat of paint or sealant will help ensure that the new coating adheres appropriately.

Challenges of Pressure Washing Your Home During Either Seasons

Pressure washing your home in either the spring or fall can be challenging. If you live in an area with many trees, pressure washing in the springtime can be tricky. There will be a lot of pollen and other allergens in the air, making the procedure difficult. In the fall, leaves can clog up your equipment, making it less effective.

Many homeowners choose DIY pressure washing kits, which can be rented from most home improvement stores. However, pressure washing your home on your own can be time-consuming and dangerous. If you’re not careful, you could damage your property or even hurt yourself.

Why You Need Professional Assistance for Pressure Washing Your Home

This is a big job. It’s not something that you can just do on a whim. You must pressure wash your home at the right time of year, using the right equipment and products. Otherwise, you could damage your property or injure yourself.

Pressure washing your home is best left to the professionals. The professionals know the challenges of the procedure and have the right tools with the appropriate settings to counter any stubborn dirt that comes their way. They know how to pressure wash without damaging your home’s exterior.

How to Choose the Right Team for Pressure Washing Your Home?

Many amateurs are roaming the streets of Calgary city, but you need a company that is licensed and insured. You also want a team with pressure washing experience. Not all companies are created equal. Some companies don’t have the latest tools. Others don’t have the required insurance.

When interviewing pressure washing companies, be sure to ask them the following questions:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you have any experience?
  • What kind of tools do you use?
  • What are your rates?

If a company can’t answer these questions to your satisfaction, move on to the next company on your list.

So, when is the best time to pressure wash your home in Calgary? The answer is: it depends. If you want to avoid the dirt, grime, and bird droppings accumulating in your front yard during the spring and summer, then scheduling an appointment for early April or May would be a good idea. However, if you’d rather wait until the leaves have started changing color and most of the pollen has settled, then September or October might be a better option.

No matter what time of year you choose, get a free estimate from JB Lines, and rest assured, knowing that your home will look its best in no time!


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