Crack Filling & Sealcoating


Are you finding cracks in your driveway or parking lot? If so, it’s time to take action!

The sooner these asphalt problems get filled and repaired, the better. When cracks are left un-repaired, they eventually spread and cause even more damage. It usually starts with water reaching the base of your pavement which ultimately leads to potholes appearing throughout the area.

The application of asphalt emulsion into non-working cracks to reduce water penetration and strengthen the adjacent pavement is called crack filling. It is a low-cost pavement maintenance practice.

JB Lines is the leading asphalt repair company in the area. We use a specialized crack filling machine to ensure appropriate adhesion to the pavement. The crack filler sealant is heated to the proper temperature using this device. Before applying the sealant, cracks are opened up, and any moisture or debris is removed.

We have completed numerous projects during the past eight years and built a solid reputation as a company that always tries to exceed customers’ expectations. We strive to provide quality service on every job, no matter how big or small!


Sealcoating is an effective method to prevent the damaging effects of environmental elements and pollutants on your pavement. This procedure applies a protective layer of sealer to the asphalt surface. It is an emulsion comprising water, silica sand, chemicals, and additives. Sealcoating not only enhances the pavement’s durability but also restores its sheen.

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