How To Keep Your Pavement In Southern Alberta Safe From The Elements

How To Keep Your Pavement In Southern Alberta Safe From The Elements

Asphalt pavement is ubiquitous; there are several reasons why property owners and paving contractors prefer asphalt over other paving materials. In addition to its low initial cost, asphalt is thermoplastic and can be easily shaped when heated. It remains flexible even in extremely cold climates. However, despite these benefits, asphalt pavements may experience a loss of quality over time due to damages caused by either environmental or chemical means.

Whether residential or commercial, having a pavement installed is a significant investment. So, you can’t leave its well-being to chance. You should ensure that you take the essential steps to keep your pavement safe.

Being a seasoned professional paving contractor, JB Lines knows all too well how to make asphalt pavement pay dividends. In this article, we share some essential tips to keep your asphalt pavement in excellent condition and increase its life.

Tip #1: Thorough and Regular Inspections and Evaluations

You can keep your asphalt in top condition by getting a thorough inspection every six months. You can ask any professional paving contractor – like JB Lines – for help with this one. Our experts know how to inspect what lies beneath the surface of the asphalt and will identify any potential problems that may arise. We look for cracks, loose gravel, moisture damage, etc. Also, make sure to inspect your sub-base regularly every couple of years. The sub-base must be evaluated to check if it has degraded over time due to excess exposure to rainwater, salt, etc.

Tip #2: Repairing and Sealing Potholes

Potholes and large cracks can be hazardous for your car’s tires, suspension system, or even the frame of your vehicle. These cracks look bad and pose a risk to other people on the road as well. Moreover, they will reduce the aesthetics of your property. So, promptly repairing them is essential.

Patching cracks with an asphalt crack filler will save your pavement from further damage as well as keep water from seeping in.

Tip #3: Properly Fixing the Dips

If you notice any dips or sunken places on your asphalt, fix them as soon as possible. Such areas might pose a threat to the structural integrity of your pavement’s surface. Moreover, they can quickly accumulate water and allow it to freeze, which will damage your asphalt even more. These dips can be repaired using a surface leveling compound and a tar squeegee in most cases. If the dip is too deep and cannot be filled with asphalt, gravel and sand mixture should do the job.

Tip #4: Remove Asphalt Debris

Dirt, gravel, rocks, pieces of wood or paperboard, etc., accumulate on your asphalt pavement. Such debris can pose a danger to pedestrians and vehicles, so it is essential to remove them.

Tip #5: Repair the Edges

Asphalt edges should be repaired as soon as you notice a crack. If you don’t, water will start to make its way in and further damage your asphalt. Patching it promptly will prevent further problems, leading to more severe conditions.

Tip #6: Sealcoating

Sealcoating acts as a barrier against the elements by providing a layer of protection against water, oils, and U.V. rays. It also provides a slip-resistant surface with a deep black finish that adds beauty to the parking lot or driveway.

Sealcoat is a water-based liquid emulsion that contains silica sand, polymer additives, and other proprietary fillers and solids. The asphalt’s life will be significantly extended if it is applied periodically.

Tip #7: Ensure Efficient Drainage

When water cannot flow freely through an asphalt surface, it starts to pool, and that’s terrible news. This might lead to further pavement deterioration, which means you have one more thing to fix if not repaired on time.

Efficient drainage includes grading around the building and driveway, so water flows away from them and ensuring that water is not pooling up around the structure or driveway.

You can keep your pavement in Calgary, AB, safe with these tips and with the help of professional asphalt services by JB Lines. We provide various services, including asphalt paving & repairs, street sweeping, striping, seal coating, crack filling, pressure washing (Lethbridge only).

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How To Keep Your Pavement In Southern Alberta Safe From The Elements.