Tar & Chip Vs. Asphalt: Which Is The Better Option For Driveways?

Tar & Chip Vs. Asphalt: Which Is The Better Option For Driveways?

Whether you choose tar and chip or asphalt for your driveway, both options have pros and cons.

Asphalt may be the way to go if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option. However, tar and chip may be better if you’re looking for a more aesthetically pleasing surface.

As a professional paving company, JB Lines wants to ensure you make the best decision for your needs. We share a list of pros and cons for each option to give you a better idea of which suits you.

Asphalt Pros

· Low Maintenance

Asphalt driveways only require occasional sweeping and rinsing to keep them clean. If you reseal your driveway every few years, it will stay in good condition for decades.

· Durable 

Asphalt is durable and can withstand heavy traffic, severe weather conditions, and even flooding. The lifespan of an asphalt driveway is 20-30 years.

· Cost-Effective

Asphalt pavement material and installation are less expensive than other paving options. Asphalt is a cost-effective choice even if you are paving a large area.

Asphalt Cons

· Not as Attractive

Asphalt is a practical choice for driveways, but it doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal as other paving materials. It looks utilitarian and can be dull in appearance.

· Stains Easily

Asphalt is a porous material that absorbs oil and other liquids, which can cause stains. This makes it essential to clean up spills quickly.

· Cracks Over Time

Asphalt driveways are subject to cracking over time without proper maintenance. This can be caused by weather conditions, wear and tear, or tree roots.

Tar & Chip Pros

· Aesthetically Pleasing

Tar and chip driveways have a unique appearance that can be very attractive. The stones add texture and color to the surface. You can even choose to add a border for extra appeal.

· Safety

The added traction of a tar & chip driveway can be beneficial, especially in areas that receive. You won’t have to worry about your car sliding around in the driveway.

Tar & Chips Cons

· More Challenging

The stones on a tar & chip driveway can make it more challenging. You’ll need to be careful not to damage the surface when using a shovel.

· They Can be Less Durable

Tar & chip driveways can be less durable in extreme cold or hot temperatures. The surface may crack or chip if exposed to extreme temperatures for extended periods and only last for a maximum decade.

· They Require Extreme Maintenance Measures

Tar & chip driveways require more maintenance than asphalt driveways. The stones can become loose over time and require resealing every few years.

The Bottom Line

It turns out asphalt is the better option for driveways. It’s more durable and requires less maintenance. But if you’re set on tar & chip, be aware of its limitations.

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