Street Sweeping: The Top Reasons to Trust Your Street Sweeper

Street Sweeping: The Top Reasons To Trust Your Street Sweeper

Key Takeaways:

  • Street sweeping helps keep your roads in good condition and saves you money in the long run
  • Street sweepers are effective at removing debris, dust, and small stones from roads
  • Regular street sweeping can help prevent flooding and potholes
  • You can help save the environment by reducing the number of pollutants and chemicals that end up in our waterways.

As a professional construction business, the debris your company leaves behind is inevitable. But with a street sweeper, you can rest assured that the mess will be cleaned up in no time! After all, staying up to code with regulations is vital to keeping your construction business afloat.

In this blog post, JB Lines will explore the top reasons to trust your street sweeper. We will also discuss why hiring street sweeping services are essential.

What is street sweeping?

We understand it’s a nitty-gritty detail, but it’s essential to comprehend Street Sweeping before we jump into the reasons to invest in this service. Street sweeper machines use a mechanical broom to clean debris, leaves, and other materials from roadways. This process is separate from stormwater systems because it targets dry-weather litter and helps reduce pollution.

Why is street sweeping important?

Aside from the municipalities requiring it in many places, street sweeping provides significant environmental benefits. Street sweepers remove litter and pollutants that can harm local ecosystems.

Let’s explore why road cleaning practices such as these are essential today.

1. Street sweeping helps prevent flooding.

Under the looming threat of climate change, we are seeing more extreme weather patterns, including heavier rains and more frequent flooding. While street sweeping cannot stop a natural disaster, it can help to prevent flooding by keeping storm drains clear.

When street sweepers clean debris from the road, they also clear it from storm drains, helping to ensure that water can flow freely during a downpour.

2. It helps reduce pollution

Not only does street sweeping help to keep our waterways clean, but it also reduces pollution in the air. As street sweepers move along, they collect dust and particulate matter that would otherwise be airborne.

Doing so proves highly beneficial to the health of both the environment and those who live in it, as it reduces the number of harmful toxins we’re exposed to daily.

3. Road cleaning also improves road safety.

In addition to removing debris from your streets, road cleaning is essential for improving road safety. Sweeping helps remove oil, grease, and rubber buildup from the road’s surface. These substances can make the roads slick and dangerous, especially wet ones. By removing them, street sweeping helps to create a safer driving environment for everyone.

4. Beautify neighborhoods and business districts.

The quality of our environment significantly impacts our mood and well-being. Street sweeping helps keep our neighborhoods and business districts looking their best, positively impacting our mental health. And who doesn’t need a relaxing stimulus in our lives today as we all sift through the troubles of our lives?

5. Elongates the life of roads, bridges, and parking lots.

Infrastructural integrity is as crucial as ever. When the street sweepers clean your roads, bridges, and parking lots, they protect these structures from the elements. The result is long-lasting systems to last us into the future.

While we all might grumble about street sweepers taking up parking spaces or making a mess, it’s important to remember the many benefits they provide.

Reasons to use a street sweeper:

1. More efficient than manual labor

If you hired a team of workers to come out and manually clean your streets, it would take them hours upon hours. Not to mention, it would be back-breaking work that most people wouldn’t want to do.

The presence of stubborn stains or gum would make the job even harder. But with a street sweeper, all that is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

2. Improving technology

New machinery and evolving technology enable more efficient street sweeper equipment. These days, all types of street sweepers available can handle any job – from small residential streets to large highways.

The integrated and innovative tech allows these machines to perform better than ever before, making the process of road sweeping much smoother.

3. Protect the pavement

Pavements often bear the brunt of wear and tear, which can cause them to crack and crumble over time. Couple this with bad weather conditions, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Street sweeping helps to keep pavements in good condition by cleaning debris, dirt, and other materials that can damage the pavement over time.

4. Help preserve wildlife 

Animals often use the roads to travel from one place to another. If there is debris or litter on the road, it can impede their progress or even injure them. By keeping the roads clean, street sweepers help preserve local wildlife populations.

5. Sense of pride in the community 

A clean community is a content community, and street sweepers play a significant role in keeping neighborhoods looking their best. Seeing a street sweeper out and about can be a source of pride for residents, showing that the community is taking care of its appearance.

6. They’re just really cool machines 

Many modern street sweepers are now outfitted with GPS systems and cameras to help them do their jobs more effectively. And who doesn’t love watching a big, hulking machine do its thing?

Ending Words:

While the results of our street sweeping efforts may not always be apparent, know that they are making a difference in the world around us! The next time you see someone with a street sweeper out and about, give them a friendly wave. After all, they’re helping to keep our environment clean and safe.

Whether you’re a construction company or a resident who cares for their neighborhood, you must consider hiring a road cleaning service from a trustable source. 

JB Lines, serving Brooks, AB, is one company you can rely on for this job. With our experienced team and top-rated equipment, we will have your streets cleaned in no time! Contact us or get your free estimate!


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