Structural Painting

When it comes to painting your home or building, you want to hire someone that can pay attention to all the small things. We have over 8 years of experience doing this exact thing for home owners, commercial builders, and residential builders. 


Epoxy Flooring

Protect your concrete floor by applying a 2 part epoxy coating on top. Epoxy is incredibly strong in fact its twice as strong as concrete.

Make the garage feel like a part of the home. Epoxy helps resist damage from gas, anti-freeze, motor oil, salt and hot tires.

Its super to keep clean all you need is some soap and water.

Adding a bit of grip

If your looking to do a face lift to your concrete walkway or even trying to add some grit so it isn’t so slippery, we may have the right solution for you. 

This paint is highly durable and made to take a beat


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