Line Painting

Location: Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Calgary, Okotoks, and surrounding areas.

New Layouts: New Layouts are important to your investment. If your new parking lot isn’t painted properly the first time then it won’t be painted properly the second time. We always use two coats of paint of fresh asphalt and are carful to paint to exact specifications required so your lot will always look good.

Re-Paints: We take the time to mask stencils that are essential or custom to your parking lot as well as improve on it by adding additional stencils if required.

Curbing: What ever your curbs need, we can make it happen. You need stencilling or numbers? Not a problem, we will make sure the contrast between the stencilling and the curbing are professional and ideal.

Handicapped Spaces: At JB Lines we ensure that every parking lot is compliant to code. From handicap curb painting to handicap ramp painting, we do it all and we do it right.

Stencilling: We have pretty much seen it all. Company logos, fire lanes, reserved spaces, whatever you need, chances are we have it or can get it made.

Warehouse Floor: A few benefits to striping and staging your warehouse floor include OSHA standards, ensuring employee safety, and increasing organization and space in your facility.

Underground & Parkades: From pillars to stencils on the wall it is not out of our field of service.

*Fully Insured Privately & WCB* 


JB Lines is a company providing line painting service to customers focusing on quality and on-time, on-budget product/service completion. We fine-tuned and experimented with processes and product types to be able to deliver increasingly innovative, efficient, durable solutions. As a result, client relationships have flourished.


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