6 Parking Lot Striping Mistakes To Avoid: How Not To Screw Up The Job

6 Parking Lot Striping Mistakes To Avoid: How Not To Screw Up The Job

Parking lot striping is a critical part of any commercial or residential property. It helps ensure that vehicles can park in an orderly fashion, making the area look neater and more professional. However, if the job is done incorrectly, it can lead to problems. As a line striping contractor, it’s essential to avoid common mistakes that can screw up your job. These blunders can cost you time and money, so it’s best to learn about them. JB Lines will discuss six of the most common parking lot striping mistakes contractors make. We’ll also provide tips on how to avoid them!

1. Not Measuring the Parking Lot Correctly

One of the most common parking lot striping mistakes is incorrectly measuring the parking lot. It can lead to too long or too short stripes, which will not look professional. You should always measure the parking lot before starting your project.

2. Not Using the Right Type of Paint

Another blunder is not using the correct type of paint for the job. Different types of paints are designed for different surfaces. If you use the wrong paint type, it will not adhere properly and will not last as long. Consult with an expert before choosing a paint type.

3. Painting Over Cracks and Other Defects in the Pavement

Yet another common mistake is painting over cracks and other defects in the pavement. It will only worsen the problem and create an uneven surface. It’s essential to repair any damages or imperfections before you start painting.

4. Not Cleaning the Parking Lot Before Painting

Don’t forget to clean the parking lot before you start painting. The surface should be clean and free of debris before you begin painting. A dirty surface will not grip the paint properly and will not look good. Be sure to sweep and wash the parking lot and remove any obstacles before starting your project.

5. Not Using Enough Paint

Not using enough paint is also a common mistake. It can lead to stripes that are not very visible or that fade quickly. Be sure to use enough paint to brighten the bars.

6. Using Old Equipment

Using old equipment is another mistake that contractors make. Striping parking lots is a precision job, so you need good quality equipment. If your equipment is old or in poor condition, it will not produce good results. Be sure to invest in new equipment if necessary.

Ending Note

These essential tips can help you avoid ruining your parking lot striping job. By taking the time and doing things correctly, you can create a professional-looking parking lot that will last for years.

We hope this article was helpful. If you are looking for a parking lot striping contractor, contact JB Lines serving Brooks, AL. We would be happy to give a free estimate to help you begin your project.


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