5 Top Reasons You Need a Pro When Pressure Washing Your Home

Your home is more than simply a place for you and your loved ones to live. It’s also a huge financial (or perhaps the largest) investment you might make in your life. So, like all other investments, you need to care for and protect it; a huge part is keeping your home exterior clean. In fact, a study by Consumer Reports shows that pressure washing your home exterior can increase its value by up to 5%. 

Now, you might be thinking that you can just grab your garden hose or pressure washer and spray your home’s exterior off on the weekends. But no matter how hard you’ll work on it, nothing comes close to our professional pressure washing experts’ efficiency, speed, and safety! Call us for all your pressure washing needs!

Key Takeaways:

  • Pressure washing helps your home look its best and protects its value.
  • Hiring a pro when pressure washing your home guarantees that the task will be completed thoroughly and safely, with long-lasting positive results.
  • Professional power washers give you peace of mind since you know they’re skilled and experienced in what they do!
  • Enlisting a pro with the right experience, training, and equipment to pressure wash your house will ensure the job is done correctly and swiftly!


Pressure washing entails spraying water at very high pressures. And if you don’t keep the pressure under control, you could end up damaging your home. Besides, if you lose control for even a second, you or someone in the vicinity might suffer serious injury or harm. Examples of harm that DIY pressure washing can result in include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • You might develop abrasions from improper equipment and its use
  • Reaction to improper use and contact with cleaning chemicals
  • Dislodged rocks or fragments of glass can penetrate your skin

That might mean you’re faced with unforeseen medical bills on top of huge maintenance bills to repair your house. The good news is that damage and injury can be avoidable if the pressure washer has the necessary experience. When you enlist a pro when pressure washing your home, you’re putting the pressure washer in the hands of someone who’s qualified and skilled to use it. You’re also removing the risk of liability in case anything wrong happens. 


Pressure washing your house is no small feat! You have to have the necessary equipment and tools, find a day when the weather won’t hinder you from washing, and block out many hours to ensure you can do the job properly. In fact, you’ll need at least a couple of hours of pressure washing for many driveways and homes to cover the entire home. That may be challenging for many people, and that’s where a professional pressure washer comes in! Not only do these pros have multiple machines at once to make the process faster, but they often have a crew of people dedicated to cleaning your house fast! So, if you’re putting your home on the market or have an upcoming event and want to get it cleaned fast, hiring a pro is wise instead of struggling by yourself. 

Attention to Details

Pollutants and dirt can accumulate on your home’s exterior over time. A professional pressure washer understands precisely what to look for and will ensure that all pollutants are removed from your property’s surface. They have the knowledge to clean every corner of your home exterior. That means covering everything from the top of your roof to the driveway. Removing these pollutants and old dirt stains on the sides and top of your home can make it look brand new again. And that’ll contribute to your home’s value. As such, if you’re considering selling your home, hiring a pro to pressure wash will help boost your home sale. 

Save Money

If your main aim for pressure washing your home by yourself is saving money, you might need to reconsider that! To pressure wash your house, you need to rent a pressure washer and have all the necessary equipment to run it. You’ll also need to invest in a good quality construction grade ladder and safety gear so that you can use the pressure washer more safely. Considering these figures, hiring a pro when pressure washing your home is much more cost-effective. Enlisting a pro means paying a flat rate fee that will cover everything required for pressure washing and getting the services of experienced and highly trained technicians to handle the work for you. 

Minimize Environmental Damage

Pressure washing can be somehow harmful and wasteful to the immediate surroundings. For instance, careless washing can send toxins and pollutants into nearby water sources. But with state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment and skilled personnel, pressure washing pros will ensure that all their cleaning projects leave no environmental impact. Pressure washing professionals use up-to-date equipment and techniques to capture run-off and choose eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Besides, they work under EPA regulations and will ensure your home and environment are safe. 

JB Lines Is the Way to Go!

Now that you know the benefits of enlisting a pro when pressure washing your home, all you have to do is figure out who to call. JB Lines has been known to offer the best pressure washing services for all our clients. With our up-to-date technology and skills, we know how to do the job swiftly without sacrificing customer satisfaction or professionalism. Call us today for all your pressure washing needs!


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